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Friday, 2017-05-26, 10:18 AM


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L][Erica Rulles
Lineage][Erica Rule Set.

Follow these rules, if you intend to play on the server,
should you fail to follow these rules, you'll most likely be excluded and banned.


Ingame - Rules

- We won't act upon scamming. It is your own responsibility to make sure your trade is fair, and you trust the person your trading with.

- Peacehopping and spawnkilling is ALLOWED, from this point on.
- We cannot control, or babysit everyone.

- We do not refund ANY LOST ITEMS, for ANY REASON what so ever.
- We do not give back items, due to rollback or server crash or bugs.
- (Certain exceptions, regarding donated items and rollback).

- Do not harass or insult other players ingame, keep a friendly atmosphere
and tone when interacting with others.

- Kill Stealing is allowed.

- Buff SPAM is NOT allowed.

- Trade SPAM is NOT allowed.

- PARTY SPAM is NOT allowed.

- Any SKILL(HEAL/BUFFS) used on RaidBosses will result in a character deletion!

- Using a wyvern to exploit the terrain is not allowed.

- Exploiting bugs, which have yet not been fixed,
using loopholes/expoiting in the server to gain any form of further achievement,
using 3rd party programs, editing the client to exploit,
any form of "botting" and last but not least.

- Account/item selling is strictly forbidden!
Olympiad - Rules

- Restarting(End Task) during olympiad matches will result into an unlimited jail time.


Failure to comply with these rules, will result in account jail/ban/banip.

by Zappu
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